Is blogging the foundation for great storytelling?

What if the universe really is sending us hints or messages and we call it coincidence?

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I decided to start a blog as a way to get ideas out in a digital way. Because, ya know, what if I decide to write a book someday? One of the very first steps was to create a name for the site.  It is a lot of pressure to come up with a name that captures your personality, your blog content, your ideas, etc.  Especially when all I was focused on was just setting up a blog and not really creating any content.

In order to avoid a road block to the daunting task of blogging, I started to think about what I could name the site.  I had recently been to a professional development for teachers where the concept of “what if” came up.  What if the problem presented to students could be changed in some small way after they had solved it? How would this change our perspective? How does this change the way we think? For some reason this stuck with me.

It hit me again while trying to think of a name for this site. The words “what if” actually do describe my personality and the way I constantly think.  It keeps me creative and hopeful.  I hate to think that there is only one way, or that the world really is what we think it is.

Back to this idea of coincidence.  Today, I needed to search for some resources to help teach my 4th graders how to be good storytellers. I came across an excellent resource that I thought was only for math and science: Khan Academy.  One of the courses they offer is led by Pixar story artists! (Is it weird I had just bought Salman Khan’s book The One World Schoolhouse? I’ve never even looked at his site before.)

Stick with me, it gets even better. The second or third lesson offered in the story telling course on Kahn Academy is called “What if…”  Pixar uses what if statements as the foundation for great stories.  Connection: What if this blog is the foundation for my great storytelling? I’m tearing up now just putting this all together.  So to answer my what if question for today: I choose to believe that universe, God, greater good is mindful of me and guiding me to take action on my dreams.  I’m excited for many more what ifs to come.

Here is a link to Khan Academy’s site:

Khan Academy Story Telling

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