What if my time actually is MY time?

“The trouble is, you think you have time.” Buddha

clear glass with red sand grainer
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


I closely monitor how I spend my time, and yet I always feel as though I am running out.  When I think about my dream life, I imagine myself with so much time that I can afford to do whatever I want! I could read all the books I want to read, write as much as I am inspired to write, build relationships with family members, and on and on.  There is nothing I want more than time.

I had a realization on my way to work this morning.  Although, I do work for someone else, what if the time I spend at work really could be my time? I have been resentful of how expensive my job is when it comes to time.  It has always felt as though I am giving so much of my time while at work, not doing what I would do if it was my time to spend.  But it actually is my time, and I am choosing to spend it in this way.  I feel as though I am overdrawn and don’t know how I got here.

But, what if I could be more savvy with this time?  What if I could meet my needs while also meeting the needs of my students and colleagues?  Hmm… What does that look like?  Is that ok?  Can you go to work and still meet your own needs? Do people do that?  What about teachers?

Still thinking about this one.  Maybe I’ll come back to answer this when I have more time…

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