What if I reviewed my strengths everyday?  Would that build my confidence? The beginning of a new school year brought yet another principal to our small rural school. This principal encouraged all of us to take a strengths finder test to reinforce the belief that leadership could include all of us if we knew and used each other’s strengths.  Theoretically, this idea is fantastic! Unfortunately, the follow up hasn’t necessarily been there.  Regardless, I loved the validation the test brought me.

Turns out, after answering lots of questions, I have exceptional strength in five areas: Responsibility, Empathy, Learner, Developer, and Connectedness.  If I had to choose a favorite, it would have to be learner, closely followed by connectedness.  I truly feel that problems only exist in my life because I haven’t yet learned how to overcome them. It is empowering to know that the answers are available.  I also love to read because I can almost always apply what I read to my life in some way.  Because I am able to find meaning in experience, or in what I read, I am also a connector.

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So, what if I reviewed these strengths of mine on a daily basis?  I wonder if my confidence would  flourish.  I have struggled to find my strengths over the last few years.  It can be difficult to develop a balance with humility and courage.  I value humility, but I also believe that I must have the confidence and courage to boldly go in the direction of my dreams.  Just starting this blog represents a move toward confidence.  I’m sure that humility and confidence can and should exist in the same person, but I struggle to understand what that looks and feels like.

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